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Right above you`ll find all the cool things to do at NicRock (sunslide)! 99.8 percent of this was done by myself, with some ideas and articles from other websites (the other 2%. Oh, and don't worry. I had permission and/or that was what the website allowed to take the ideas and artricles. Look on the thanks page to see what thses other webmasters did to tribute to NicRock!)! I really hope you enjoy my website! I add new things alot, and I update from time to time. (when I say update from time to time, I say time to time cuz I baisicly go through everything and rewrite and redo. I remodle!) I am alittle short on I deas (and traffic!) at the moment, and will appreciate any!
This is my profile! My tru stuff cannot be shown. But there is a hint. Becom a VIP to get the full vershun!

name: Kitty
nikname: Kitti
positshun: Maskot of NicRock!
looks: orang/carmle with brown/dark carmle spots, green eyes
likes: catnip, toy mice, NicRock, milk, sardienes and string
dislikes: anchovis, spinnach, hair balls

tru identidy(name and nickname):?????         hint:cookies!
tru position:??????
tru looks:?????
tru likes:?????
tru dislikes:??????

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