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Right above you`ll find all the cool things to do at NicRock (sunslide)! 99.8 percent of this was done by myself, with some ideas and articles from other websites (the other 2%. Oh, and don't worry. I had permission and/or that was what the website allowed to take the ideas and artricles. Look on the thanks page to see what thses other webmasters did to tribute to NicRock!)! I really hope you enjoy my website! I add new things alot, and I update from time to time. (when I say update from time to time, I say time to time cuz I baisicly go through everything and rewrite and redo. I remodle!) I am alittle short on I deas (and traffic!) at the moment, and will appreciate any!


          THIS IS A REALLY COOL WEBSITE. Its all about how to become a physic and teaches begginers a full physic experience. It also teaches former Physic more things that they may not have known. It is very cool. You should take a look, and discover haw to use telapathy, the art of supposibly 'reading minds'? Learn how to do black magic, and how to deal with being haunted. Learn to hypnotise and just how you should meditate. This really is an awsome web!

Cool features: Black Magic Spells, Physic glossary, Indrajal Mantras 

      Also, check out Physics other websites (on the links page)!
                                                  Physic is a memeber of NicRock!

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